Common Property Management Problems In Shopping Malls

What problems are often encountered in shopping mall property management, and how to solve or prevent them?


01 )There Must Be A Clear Main Entrance And Store Sign

Every store has entrances and exits and signs, that’s for sure. However, some large shopping malls are located on the first, second and basement floors of hotels and office buildings. You can enter the shopping center from the lobby of the office building or the hotel lobby.

Since this kind of shopping mall does not have a special access control system for the entrance and exit of the shopping mall, it cannot give customers an overall concept of a shopping mall, so it cannot give people the impression of a shopping mall. If the commercial area is required to be operated and managed independently, there will be certain difficulties. To establish an image and create a brand, you first need to build a facade, which is the main channel for guests to enter and exit the shopping center. Then it is necessary to give a name and hang a shopping mall name tag at a prominent position on the facade.

02) Store Layout Is Classified By Function And Product Use

There are many shops in the shopping center, and there are many particulars about how to arrange them.

Generally, high-grade, high-value, beautiful-looking products and shops with good images, such as cosmetics, gold and silver jewelry, handicrafts, etc., are arranged in prominent locations on the first floor of the main gate.

Secondly, store women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s products, toys and gifts, stationery, office, daily necessities, medicine, household appliances, etc., according to the floor or area.

The restaurant should have a relatively independent area. Swimming, skating, archery, singing and dancing entertainment facilities are generally located in the basement, and some are located on other floors. They are designed separately according to the actual situation of the building, and the measures are adapted to local conditions.

03) The Passenger Flow Passage Is Spacious And Streamlined

The spacious passage can give people a sense of comfort, which is a reflection of the high grade of the mall.

In general shopping malls, the shops are arranged straight up and down, and the 90-degree right-angle turning passage is visually uncomfortable, and it is also not conducive to guiding the direction of passenger flow.

There are right-angled walls in mall passages, and it is also easy to be scratched by other objects, or hit people and hang guest clothes, etc. The streamlined channel design is full of modern beauty.

04 )The Location Of Store Guide Signs Should Be Conspicuous

Since a large shopping mall is composed of many shops, customers have to find specific shops and service points. If there is no guide, it will take a lot of time.

The shop directory card must be present and set up in a conspicuous position. At the same time, it must be accompanied by a floor plan for easy reference by guests. Moreover, after the store is changed, the brand name should be updated in time to avoid misleading customers.

05) Central Air-Conditioning Must Be Able To Be Controlled By Zones

Due to the large area of the shopping center, the location and environment of each area are different.

When the central air conditioner supplies cold or warm air, due to the distance between the air outlets and the difference between the main and the second and the first and the last of the ducts, if the temperature cannot be controlled in different areas and there is no adjustment button for different areas, it will inevitably be strong in the vicinity, weak in the far end, and strong in the interior. , Weak frontage, uneven hot and cold, unable to adjust, unable to meet demand.

If the design is not considered, the transformation will be troublesome. The renovation is almost entirely rebuilt, and the cost is high.

06 )The Ventilation System Is Not Connected To The Catering Kitchen

If the fresh air unit is on the roof and the distance between the dirty air outlet and the fresh air inlet is too close, the exhaust gas will inevitably be absorbed into the room as fresh air, causing air pollution. The design should avoid this situation.

The kitchen of the restaurant shop must have a special ventilation system, and the ventilation ducts cannot be shared with other shops, otherwise the smell of the restaurant will be colluded with other shops after it is completed, and it cannot be handled and repaired.

In addition, considering the location and wind direction of the garbage room, do not build the garbage room upwind, otherwise the air in the windy building will be dirty, which will bring difficulties to management.

07 )The Aisle And Hall Lighting Is Sufficiently Bright

The light in the shopping center should be bright enough. The lights in some passages are dim, and the lights in the lobby are not bright, which greatly reduces the image of the store.

The light should be suitable to make the customer’s vision comfortable. Otherwise, customers will not be in a good mood, and the business of the mall will also be affected.

08 )Set Up Customer Rest Seats

The shopping center has a large area and many shops, and some seats are properly set up in the aisles to allow the tired guests to take a rest. This is a manifestation of humanity and is bound to be welcomed by guests.

However, the shopping center must have management personnel to inspect, including the management of these seats, and correct the indecent behavior of lying and sleeping on these seats in time to maintain the image of the shopping center.

09) The Store Door Opens Inward And Is Managed In An Orderly Manner

In terms of shopping center management, it is generally required that the doors of each store be opened inwards. Because the passages are occupied for meetings outside, it is easy for guests to move inconvenience. Guests often need to avoid these opened doors, which hinders the passage.

Stores are not allowed to use means such as broadcasting, recording and broadcasting to attract customers and promote sales. Promotional activities must be managed in a unified manner.

10 )Clean And Security Personnel Should Be Kept As Few As Possible

Guests need a safe, comfortable and pure shopping environment. Cleaners and security guards network courier try to avoid or reduce their presence in front of guests. If you must appear, you should work quickly and leave the scene in time. Cleaning staff often wipes the floor in the aisle will also affect the passage of guests. Security guards’ appearance, standing posture, gestures, behavior, and language at the door must be standardized. This is the embodiment of the corporate image and a window for communication with customers.

11) There Should Be No Obstacles In The Fire Exit

Fire evacuation passages should be kept unobstructed, and items and any obstacles should not be stored. No sundries can be placed one meter in front of the fire hydrant and the fire-fighting facilities cannot be blocked.

12) The Escalator Gap Is The Right Size

There is often a gap between the escalator entrance and the railing, and in this gap, there have been many safety accidents in China. A child passed through this gap by mistake and fell casualties.

Therefore, this detail must not be careless and must meet safety standards.

13 )The Glass Door Is Set With Color Code To Prevent Accidental Collision

Like shop windows, the glass doors of shops are generally very bright. However, glass showcases and glass doors must have marking color bars to visually remind people: This is glass, don’t hit it!

If there is no mark on the glass window or door, and a guest accidentally collides with a personal injury accident, the store shall bear the corresponding responsibility.

14 )Avoid Pinching Hands Between The Edge Of The Revolving Door And The Outer Frame

In the revolving door of a shopping mall or office building, accidents involving the arm being trapped often occurred in the past. When the arm is clamped, it is necessary to send workers to dismantle the revolving door, and it takes a lot of manpower and material resources to get the person caught free.

Between the edge of the revolving door and the outer frame, measures must be taken to prevent the arm from being clamped. For example, some small doors are used to increase the gap between the edge of the door leaf, and the soft edge like a brush can be used to block the wind and not Will pinch hands.

15) Set Up And Clean The Trash Can Often

Shopping malls should properly set up trash bins and clean them frequently for the convenience of guests. The trash can is a must-equipped in public places, it can reflect the service level and image of the mall.

16) Building Expansion Joints Need To Be Anti-Leakage

The buildings of shopping centers are generally relatively large, and the buildings need to be settled in different areas, leaving expansion joints. Some shops are located at the expansion joints.

Expansion joints are the weak link in building waterproofing. The waterproof materials are prone to ageing, cracking, and degumming. These parts are easy to enter rainwater and cause damage to goods. Always check these weak links and carry out waterproof repairs.

17 )Avoid Freezing And Cracking Of Outer Fire Hoses In Winter

In winter, all water pipes should be kept at a proper temperature. In rooms with indoor heating, check whether there are places with fire-fighting sprinkler pipes that cannot be reached by heating. If there are, they should be insulated; outdoor water pipes should be insulated to avoid freezing and cracking.

The above-mentioned various problems are frequently encountered or may be encountered in the property management of large shopping malls. Solving the above-mentioned problems is an important part of improving the quality of property design and management.